Monday, May 11, 2015

Kenzy Doodle Grasps Whimsy

This is the story of our dog adventure. A place to keep record of her story and to share for other new dog owners.

We have had Kenzy for 2 weeks now. It feels like she has always been here! Kenzy is an Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepard and poodle mix). Her dad was a 10lb mini poodle and her mom a 30lb Aussiedoodle. Kenzy has big paws and was biggest in her litter so we bank she will be sized like her mama. At 2weeks she is over 10lbs!

We found her randomly. Our good family friends, in hometown we graduated from and where all hubs extended family still reside,  have a beautiful cockapoo from this local breeder. We had always said Mulligan was a great dog. Girls and I were ready for the puppy adventure but Isaac was hesitant. Soley because he works and wouldn't be able to help train her. With homeschooling, babysnuggling and general life home with kids I think he thought I'd get annoyed with her after a while.  However, when this friend called and said she saw some Aussidoodle pups at his home and they go fast, Isaac jumped on board.

The price was $500 which was 500 to 1,000 less than what I was finding from breeders we knew nothing about. Alot of talk about akc and papers and lineage which we were not interested in and also a long wait line. Isaac had called me and messaged 3 times so I knew somethin was up.  We went out the next day and saw the litter. They were just two weeks old. 

The breeder we met was fantastic! He  and his wife are  simply a family who loves animals. He rescues and cares for all types. The dog parents of Kenzy are their well loved pets.  The pups were born in a kennel in their living room.

We picked out Kenzy because she was the biggest of the litter and she was a girl. Her eyes were not even open yet! It was an early pick so the breeder said if we change our minds after they are mobile and another isn't picked we can switch. God matched us well cause she was always the best one! We visited her every few weeks till she was 8wks old and brought her home on my dad's birthday in Heaven(dad loved animals, DQ icecream and we miss him so!) Perfect, just in time birthday gift for the girls too!

After that first pick, we ordered an Aussidoodle book and we all poured into it. We also purchased dog supplies gradually so we were ready. Some came from garage sales and some from sales at stores.  I didn't think a pup needed many toys but after she arrived we realized it is a much used item to keep your hands and household items from puppy mouthing! We bought a few more after we found what she liked most.

On the way home from the breeder and a few other times, she did get car sick in the kennel. We take her frequently places and have found it to be fluke.  Thankful for that as we intend to take her alot! We started with a wire type metal kennel to size it small for her to kennel potty train in, however we found she was much happier (and quieter) in a travel kennel with a towel ontop making it more as a "den".

First few nights we got up 4 times to take her outside. Her kennel was placed next to my bed and after telling her to "lay down and night night" she always settled. By night 3 we only had to take her out at 5am. And that is what she has stuck with. She goes back in kennel till 6:30 when girls get up. I am NOT a morning person but this has been ok. I really do love having her so the sacrafice is worth it!  Not to mention coffee helps!

Mornings she needs energy run out so we tend to walk her around cudlesac few times and play fetch inside (which she caught onto quick!). About 8am she is exhausted and just follows us around or lays on her bed.

We walk her some mid day, play "soccer" with her in back yard or just have her outside with us while girls play. She naps alot. Puppys need 17-20 hrs of sleep. In evening we walk her as a family around neighborhood loop. We don't kennel her daytime much as we are home. Before she arrived we puppy proofed the home and only allow her in our main open living areas (kitchen, dining, living rm and hallway). All other doors are closed including baby gate at top of stairs. This allows her to be free but for us to be able to watch her every move, and we do!

Potty accidents have been few! Just 3 pee and honestly all 3 our fault! She does so well we forget she still has small bladder. None in kennel so far even while traveling distances or 3 hrs in kennel while we were gone! She prefers the travel kennel in car too, so we take that and a few toys. I bring a big jug of water and her water dish along. This also helps for filling up our water bottles.

We bought a harness at the garage sale and love that. Her walking on a leash is much better with harness and short normal leash. The retractable leash we save for when playing in front yard and she needs some leeway.  My fav dog supply we purchased was finishing the back fence. It is so nice to let her out back and run and not worry she will escape or be tangled.

When we leave home without Kenzy, we place a kong with almond butter and small bit of kibble in her kennel. She only gets this treat when we leave her home. Her fav indestructible dog toy also goes in.

We did have to practice keeping her from constant barking by using treats and moving slowly away from the  kennel and ignoring her, then praising and letting her out when she is calm. Only a few times a day for few days of that and she can be in kennel for a while when we are home (though we don't do this often). Kenzy does bark when we leave but by the time we are home she is quiet and sleeping in kennel. That travel kennel made big difference for this! More secure I suppose, so glad we switched!

I mentioned she plays fetch well and she also learned to sit fast too! We have bell trained her for potty and often she rings the bell to go out. Her wuick potty training simply amazes me!

Being an Aussiedoodle,  she is non shed and hypoallergenic but will need groomed more often than other breeds.  Hypoallergenic doesn't mean people allergic won't have issues, but it should lessen them for most and eliminate the issue for many. The non shed is suuuuper nice! We have never had an animal who didn't shed. I would never go back! We groom her ourselves. I brush/comb her every other night and we have given her one bath and a shave (kudos to hubs with the electric dog razor). She did really well! We clean her ears out with solution and brush her teeth with a finger brush. Wiping eye goup out daily is also part of the routine.

Our vet found an embilical hernia on Kenzy and earmites. A shot eliminates the latter and a fix during spay surgery in few weeks will eliminate the former. Otherwise a perfectly healthy and happy pup! Heartgaurd and frontline are on her monthly routine and we are thankful as ticks are prevelent here.

Puppy life means to expose your pup to many things so they see it's normal and they are safe. We have ran vaccum, run air compressor,  taken her near the construction sites in our neighborhood,  to a 5k race, a festival with crowds and some other dogs, on long and short car rides, walks. Once she has full shots we will head to dog park, petsmart and parks....

That's a good start to her story!  Here are some puppy pics to make you oooh and awww.

Until next time, live like you are loved by the KING!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Paleo/ kidney donor update

I mentined I'd checked with transplant nephrologist about paleo and solo healthy kidney. This was his response:

“I think it should be fine.  As long as her diet is meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, each in reasonable proportions, she should be fine.  Continue to see PCP and check labs once a year.  No nephrology, no special labs.”

So yay! Cause as hard as this paleo lifestyle is, somedays I just want a normal pizza people,  I feel so much better on it and my body has allready shown it likes it better in many ways. 

Here are some paleo meal pics. I chose banana ice cream and coconut whip for myself at girls' bday party. And a dear friend gave me a batch of her paleo bbq sauce and pulled pork. So yummo and generous! !

And also few photos from the Ronald Mcdonald house charities run we were part of for Blake! Where we also ran into my donor surgeon and were able to say a quick hi and hear his daughter's ranked top 3 in their age group! Pretty awesome!

Kenzy doodle did sooo well on her first race outing in a crowd!

Until next time, live like your loved by the KING!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blog email glitch

Those of you who subscribe to my blog through email may have recieved an old post I wrote in June "Hot off the Press". There must be some sort of glitch in the system as I'm not sure why it re-sent!

What is VERY odd is that I emailed the transplant center today (which I havn't since my 1 yr appt last Nov) just to double check things with nephrologist to keep my solo kidney healthy while doing fulltime paleo lifestyle!

Crazy coincidence! So either read the story again or dismiss and carry on....

Friday, April 17, 2015

A paleo adventure take 2

Hi! Been a while. Decided to let IG sit untouched for a bit and have been off FB and blog for almost 4mo. I feel very free without the tug of fb for my attention. Embarking on a new journey can be fun to share especially with photos, so I choose to share here.

3years ago I dove into a full year of paleo. It was tough and yet reaped great results on eliminating my chronic issues...get that ELIMINATING!

However once I felt better I just slowly got away from it. And now it's back, slight but enough I know I need a change.  Plus I just know my body all around does better in this lifestyle. It'll keep my solo kidney happy in future!! (My surgeon nephrologists says for me  it's a good healthy way to eat!)

I will be avoiding most fruit and very limiting of nuts and nut flours so phytates are not an issue. I have switched to coconut milk for drinking (occadionally) and cooking with.

Shocker alert!  I'm actually excited to cook...I think the change will be good for our family. My oldest almost 10 now loves to cook and snagged a "kids healthy and fun" cookbook at the library. She made her own grocery list and has created some yummy dishes for her sister and herself. She told me yesterday "Mom I love having fresh ingredients in the house to actually chop up and make". Yes girl, you did not luck out with a suzy homemaker mama, but we will have more fresh foods to cook with, not just eat raw, for sure!

I'm day 3 paleo and I have felt that darn detox brain fog and fatigue but it is better today and my chronic issue is gone, so hoping it stays that way as I stick with this! One step closer!

*Here are a few dishes: (most recipies will be from The Everyday Paleo book by Sarah Fragraso)

*I forgot about the kitchen aftermath! At least it keeps me busy!

*The bread (and applebreakfast) is not paleo but Kay's first homemade bread all by hand! I was so proud of her and glad I tasted it pre paleo :-)

Off to do those dishes then homeschool outside! (Blog post about our homeschool days  and our new puppy adventure comin up)

Until next like you are loved by the KING, because YOU are!


Happy National Donor Day!

I had neglected to publish this post. It's one of my favs...John Cusack and  organ donation...what could be better than that?!

Sign up to be an organ donor and consider living donation!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year = Pruning

I felt God leading me to the need to prune some things in life for the new year. One including closing fb down and my private IG page. I will keep the Instagram @graspingwhimsy public page up for sharing our creative doings (knitting, painting, embroidery, woodworking, woodsigns,  home improvements, and kiddie crafting...) It will also serve as being a place to donate items we create or money to fundraising auctions I so love on IG. And for a place to connect and pray for and with others.

I think here in this little corner of blogspace I will leave it soley for the kidney story.  I plan to journal the old fashioned way this year with paper and pen :-)

Please do continue to share my blog with people who may become kidney donors or who just need an upliftiting story of how God can weave such blessings and miracles into the lives of two strangers!  Two families!

I may keep adding some updates of the kidney story as time goes on but it may be very infrequent.   Those who follow Blake, please do keep tabs on his mamas blog

AND please always keep praying for him as he grows. We thank the Lord we are both doing great at the start of this New Year! And we thank you all from the depths of our hearts for all the love,  support and prayers this last year and a half. What a journey! I'd never ever change being a kidney donor. Im so glad God used me!

***CHECK YES for organ donation on your drivers license! ***

May Christ fill your spirit every single day. God's blessing on you all.