Monday, July 14, 2014

July in midwest

It is gorgeous out! Like 70s in July. That is amazing in our state! Usually 90s and hard to breathe with humidity. I am thanking the Lord for the beauty and am not going inside all day! Tea and knitting on the deck and a little IG catchup.

I wrote this above few weeks ago. Today is first warmer day. We may hit 88! Heat wave!

Girlies are doing dance camp this week and it is odd having only little home during the morning and then no kiddos afternoon! What will I do with myself?!

I have finished my two books...Flesh and Love Does. I am working on one knit project gift for our friends first baby due soon. No embroidery on a hoop just yet as finished 3 little projects. House is pretty much cleaned and organized as much as I can since basement is in limbo being finished. Cannot wait for the family room to be done so toys can all go down there! We dont have a ton since we decluttered from move but it will help the upstairs remain visually clear! I just organized playroom/guestroom upstairs until it's finished.

Hubs is going to do some awesome things down there. A wood wall, wood barn door on glide, wood post and beam, tin ceiling, tiny canlights washing walls...I'm getting exited!

Hubs installed cieling fans in last two bedrooms and will eventually refinish our kitchen table top to match cabinets.

They put sod in neighbors yard finally! So we can put up our privacy fence. Then house projects around here are done!! Funny how you think movin into brand new house means you won't have to do anything...wrong!!

I love our home though, love the location and eventually will get brave enough to paint the fresh walls and add wall decor...someday...

Enjoy the summer days.

*** A mom in our local moms groups lost her 3yo Abby to drowning accident. Please keep her family in your prayers. ***

Monday, July 7, 2014


I love a good quote. God will use them at just the right moment for me. Two this morning in a place I wasn't supposed to be...broke my no IG July for the day...but God knew I needed to see them! Love how He works that way! (Also saw another adoption fundraiser there so yup bidding on a few ;-) #adoptionfundraiseraddiction

Crazy love is one of my top 12 fav life impacting books! I'm reading Flesh by Hugh Halter right now, almost done and it made the top 12 too!

The last quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

City Flooding

Last year hubs said there was flooding in the small city he works in. I had never experienced it thought since we lived 25min out in the boonies and so avoided the city during the floods. There is no avoiding it this year!

We live near the river that flows through our city but not in the flood plain. Our house is high enough and far enough away it won't be affected, our neighborhood won't either. What is affected for us is our drive to downtown (hubs to work) is longer going around the interstate. And possibly our main and only road out of the neighborhood could flood so we would be blocked in.

They predict with more rain fall that the waters will flood more but more concern is the lake dam overspill being at the top. If that does indeed flow over this week, there will be a major mess in our city. It's happened before. Some people are on mandatory evacuations and some are riding it out in their river front properties that are half under water. We pray everynight people in our city are safe. Our minor inconvenience driving time is just that minor. People are loosing their homes. That is sad, and yet part of me thinks they had to have known this when they bought near the river.

Still it is sad. Our city is so beautiful. We love driving the back streets that are lined with old big trees. This city feels so less city than our old city we left 2 years before. ( And by "city" I don't mean Chicago here people, its much smaller than that but bigger than the tiny towns we grew up in.) I think it is those many many park, wooded areas that give it that feel. It's sad to see it underwater, but life is most important and we pray safety over all.

Just a little psa: remember never go in flood waters! Even a ankle deep water with a river current can knock ya down into it! Thinking of the teen in a nearby city who lost life in this flood. Lord be with their family.

Our running path under water.

Friday, July 4, 2014

God Songs

Songs move me. God speaks so clearly sometimes. These are my favorites right now...

Do Something by Matthew West

Fix My Eyes by For King and Country

Click on the music tab above to listen!

They are now on my two new running songs, more motivation for my July  running least 1 mile a day for 31 days!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Small "city" living = people!

We moved into the small city near our old country home a few months back. I tell ya I love it!! Today was an even better reason why...people. Simply people!

I had an early appointment with the surgeon today. (We are about 8 months post.)  The hospital is 10 min from our house now! I never took girls to donor appointments because I wanted to be able to concentrate and talk without my chatty kathy kiddos. But today was just one of those days it worked easier to bring them. So I did. And you know what was so great about it, they made the surgeon smile. He chatted about American girl dolls with them and told about his two daughters who now have their dolls sitting pretty on their shelves not played with much...they are tween/teen ages now.

Of course he did the doctor stuff, checked out my incisions and the numbness area I've had and the pulling and some achiness when I stretch/cough/sneeze/get outta bed. All normal. No hernia. Need to work on strengthening my abs! Ha! After two kids and a surgery um yeah can't do a crunch to save my life! He said could be 2 yrs before the numbness goes away and 2 yrs of feeling odd stuff too. Advice was strengthen those abs, watch for hernia and don't lift super heavy things if don't have to but really no restrictions...keep livin life and running those 5ks. Which he may even join us at the CARE 5k for Organ donation in August!

I saw a new side to my surgeon today and I made sure to tell them they are exceptionally good at donor care! I hear on my fb donor site that is rare. So I thank God for the good news of that and hearing I'm normal (or at least my health is) and that I heard Blakers had good labs too!! Awesome day!! But it got better....

We had an impromptu playdate lunch at a friends house. Then headed to buy yarn and embroidery supplies at Joanns and then home to draw chalk on the driveway and enjoy this beautiful midwest weather after the crazy storms yesterday.  Tonight we pray for our many friends with storm damage and water in basements.

A neighbor 4 houses down stops by first time. And guess what....she has young kids and mostly stays home! Can you say playdate?! Her hubs works at the transplant hospital so I had opportunity to share our God story. Love that!  On our walk to mailbox met two other neighbors and one down the street stopped by to introduce herself.

People!!! I love people!  Makes my heart squeeze to be finding community here in our home and daily lives. It supplements what great community we allready have with church family. I can't wait to see what God has planned for us being planted here!

Always always looking for Him in all we do. ♥

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hot off the press!

Our kidney story was in thegazette this week. Click the link to read it!

Just humbled to be apart of the Burdorf's journey and hoping others are inspired to do for others, to love others in active ways and ask what God would like YOU to do then do it! There are so many ways!  All for God's Glory!! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Processing and a Wheelbarrow

Few days ago my mom had surgery at the transplant hospital I was at. Her surgery went well, Praise God! Pray for continued healing please.

I'd been back to that hospital numerous times with all Blake went through post surgery. But this time was different. Blake wasn't there, thank the LORD!! And I was the one waiting during surgery. It was strange. I'd waited for surgeries before but never at this hospital. It felt surreal to be in spots Blake's parents and my hubs waited. 7/8 hrs for me...12 or more for Blake.  I waited 3/4 hrs yesterday, I don't know how my hubs did that long. Thoughts of wonder what they felt, talked about, updates they heard, poured in my head. Were they scared, concerned? Did they pray here? Did they laugh and do their best to be distracted?

I'm reading lil Arianna and donor Christy's updates too and the details of our donation, or empty gaps, play over. Kind of like a relive through. Our situations were so similar, met our recipients  through fb, both alittle toddler, twins even. ( they are both doing great, praise the Lord!! Keep praying for healing!)

I ask hubs for whatever details he can remember. For what I said after, when did we hear about Blake? Did I sleep? Timeline of when the Burdorfs friends came in to say somethings were not quite right. Blake was having some troubles, he had been way longer in surgery than expected. They cried. I didn't.  Which is totally unlike me. Drugs, for sure the drugs because frankly I only remember seeing a glimpse of their faces but not what they said. What felt like minutes to me was actually hours. Felt same as births of our girls in that aspect.

I recieved my records of the entire donor process and surgery a few weeks back. I read through it all. Interesting and alot of words I will never understand. But it was tangible for me. It happend. The further I get the more I loose what happened. Life moves on. Which is good, yet strange. I see it in Blake of course, which is totally the whole point of the whole thing! It was about getting Blake well, to live as much a  normal life as he can! And he is doing AMAZING!! Down from 22 meds to 9!!! And HOME! I just love the whole Burdorf family!!!  Forever family ♥

It was about doing what God asked of me. I was just a vessel. But in that it was so many emotions into one. The process was done to me, something was removed and I have no physical show of it in my daily life. It wasn't like having a baby, going through the excitment and pain and then whirlwind of bringing baby home.  It is just over. With awesome results! But still over and went so fast. Kind of like your wedding day.

I do have scars, I feel things differently in my abdomen (organs shift to fill the hole) and I'm still numb in abdomen (nerve damage).  Those are my physical reminders. It is strange but I'm thankful for them, as a reminder, since they aren't complications just a different feeling. I have a photo of the kidney ultrasound in Blake and many Blake photos of that happy kid living life now free from dialysis! I get to see him in person  too and those days I cherish more than anyone knows. This was an exciting time for me (even if scary), I volunteered for this, it was a huge event in our lives the last year and half...

So I'm ready for the next...the what God has for us. I read Love Does and Bob Goff says (paraphrasing) that's what life is, love does. It finds a way to do things for others. It is not planned and mapped out and tidy in a bow it simply is active and does. Jesus did things, he didn't read or just talk about them...He was active. We sometimes just have to guess where we think God wants us next and do! Sunday our pastor told a story...

A tightrope walker told of the many things he can do, a reporter talked him up, "Come see what this man claims to do". The day came and the tightrope walker did amazing things he said, he even pushed a wheelbarrow across the rope so ridululously high off the ground with no nets below.  The reporter in front row was amazed. Show over, tightrope walker asked reporter "Now do you believe I could do all I said?" Reporter: "Yes of course I saw it with my eyes. Amazing!" Tightrope walker: "Really? You do believe it?" Reporter: "Yes wow I just am shocked. I saw it, just, you did it!" Tightrope walker: "Are you sure you truly believe now?" Reporter: "I don't know what else I can say or do to prove that YES of course I believe." Tightrope Walker: "You can get in the wheelbarrow".

That hit me. I got in the wheelbarrow, I trusted God would take care of things. I didn't have much time to work out details or know how it would go or impact my future. But I got in anyway. And crazy as it may seem.  I want back in again.

I read Love does and through the whole book I highlighted and said "Yes! That's the kidney donation!" "Love does" was allover that! I want it again. God has more! And I feel it has to do in my own home within our family daily doings allready, I just don't know what yet... but great things in love right here are coming.