Monday, May 4, 2015

Paleo/ kidney donor update

I mentined I'd checked with transplant nephrologist about paleo and solo healthy kidney. This was his response:

“I think it should be fine.  As long as her diet is meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, each in reasonable proportions, she should be fine.  Continue to see PCP and check labs once a year.  No nephrology, no special labs.”

So yay! Cause as hard as this paleo lifestyle is, somedays I just want a normal pizza people,  I feel so much better on it and my body has allready shown it likes it better in many ways. 

Here are some paleo meal pics. I chose banana ice cream and coconut whip for myself at girls' bday party. And a dear friend gave me a batch of her paleo bbq sauce and pulled pork. So yummo and generous! !

And also few photos from the Ronald Mcdonald house charities run we were part of for Blake! Where we also ran into my donor surgeon and were able to say a quick hi and hear his daughter's ranked top 3 in their age group! Pretty awesome!

Kenzy doodle did sooo well on her first race outing in a crowd!

Until next time, live like your loved by the KING!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blog email glitch

Those of you who subscribe to my blog through email may have recieved an old post I wrote in June "Hot off the Press". There must be some sort of glitch in the system as I'm not sure why it re-sent!

What is VERY odd is that I emailed the transplant center today (which I havn't since my 1 yr appt last Nov) just to double check things with nephrologist to keep my solo kidney healthy while doing fulltime paleo lifestyle!

Crazy coincidence! So either read the story again or dismiss and carry on....

Friday, April 17, 2015

A paleo adventure take 2

Hi! Been a while. Decided to let IG sit untouched for a bit and have been off FB and blog for almost 4mo. I feel very free without the tug of fb for my attention. Embarking on a new journey can be fun to share especially with photos, so I choose to share here.

3years ago I dove into a full year of paleo. It was tough and yet reaped great results on eliminating my chronic issues...get that ELIMINATING!

However once I felt better I just slowly got away from it. And now it's back, slight but enough I know I need a change.  Plus I just know my body all around does better in this lifestyle. It'll keep my solo kidney happy in future!! (My surgeon nephrologists says for me  it's a good healthy way to eat!)

I will be avoiding most fruit and very limiting of nuts and nut flours so phytates are not an issue. I have switched to coconut milk for drinking (occadionally) and cooking with.

Shocker alert!  I'm actually excited to cook...I think the change will be good for our family. My oldest almost 10 now loves to cook and snagged a "kids healthy and fun" cookbook at the library. She made her own grocery list and has created some yummy dishes for her sister and herself. She told me yesterday "Mom I love having fresh ingredients in the house to actually chop up and make". Yes girl, you did not luck out with a suzy homemaker mama, but we will have more fresh foods to cook with, not just eat raw, for sure!

I'm day 3 paleo and I have felt that darn detox brain fog and fatigue but it is better today and my chronic issue is gone, so hoping it stays that way as I stick with this! One step closer!

*Here are a few dishes: (most recipies will be from The Everyday Paleo book by Sarah Fragraso)

*I forgot about the kitchen aftermath! At least it keeps me busy!

*The bread (and applebreakfast) is not paleo but Kay's first homemade bread all by hand! I was so proud of her and glad I tasted it pre paleo :-)

Off to do those dishes then homeschool outside! (Blog post about our homeschool days  and our new puppy adventure comin up)

Until next like you are loved by the KING, because YOU are!


Happy National Donor Day!

I had neglected to publish this post. It's one of my favs...John Cusack and  organ donation...what could be better than that?!

Sign up to be an organ donor and consider living donation!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year = Pruning

I felt God leading me to the need to prune some things in life for the new year. One including closing fb down and my private IG page. I will keep the Instagram @graspingwhimsy public page up for sharing our creative doings (knitting, painting, embroidery, woodworking, woodsigns,  home improvements, and kiddie crafting...) It will also serve as being a place to donate items we create or money to fundraising auctions I so love on IG. And for a place to connect and pray for and with others.

I think here in this little corner of blogspace I will leave it soley for the kidney story.  I plan to journal the old fashioned way this year with paper and pen :-)

Please do continue to share my blog with people who may become kidney donors or who just need an upliftiting story of how God can weave such blessings and miracles into the lives of two strangers!  Two families!

I may keep adding some updates of the kidney story as time goes on but it may be very infrequent.   Those who follow Blake, please do keep tabs on his mamas blog

AND please always keep praying for him as he grows. We thank the Lord we are both doing great at the start of this New Year! And we thank you all from the depths of our hearts for all the love,  support and prayers this last year and a half. What a journey! I'd never ever change being a kidney donor. Im so glad God used me!

***CHECK YES for organ donation on your drivers license! ***

May Christ fill your spirit every single day. God's blessing on you all.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

To write or not to write

It's so annyoing sometimes that I put so much thought into the things I do. I desire to do the will of God, to let Him lead that sometimes I make small decisions seem big. Sometimes I turn ordinary moments that don't have a right or wrong biblically into all or nothing answers.

I wrote a Christmas letter like I do every year...only this year I wasn't sure if I should. It actually was erased by computer shut down and I havn't decided if I should rewrite it or just forgo it altogether. If it was a sign to let it go.

I so enjoy reading those letters and I do enjoy writing them...but at times while I write it feels braggy and "look at me". It feels showy and prideful. I never read those letters sent to me that way. I enjoy them!

I get the same feelings sometimes when I write in this blogspace though.  So I go a long while without writing. I desire to share Christ from the roof tops and what He is doing in our lives but in love, in a way that speaks humbly not showy.  I never want someone to feel like their life isn't as good or that their life is better by reading my daily doings. It is a hard balance with humble and pride.  To not tear ourselves or others down but to build us up in encourgament though not pride while sharing our God stories for His glory. I wonder if anyone else has this struggle?

So I wait...I pray He makes it clear to write or not write this years Christmas  or New Years letter, or just send a photo or not do anything at all. I pray He makes me see it isn't an all or nothing or a right or wrong, just a nudge of His direction specifically for me, for this year. Oh how this can be applied to many many areas of life. In end that at the heart of what I do, I do joyfully for Him. Whether to do or abstain. This season and always.

Merry Christmas my friends. May your entire heart be filled with His Holy Spirit and His joy and His peace.  #shinejesus