Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grasping whimsy...what's in a name?

If you noticed here or in IG that my name has changed you are very observant!  ;-)

I'm going through a transformation of sorts in my inside and outside life.

I want to live my life in whimsy, not take things to seriously, enjoy the life God gave me. Forgive often and over and over, be less offended and less hurt, be more kind and giving and love as God does, no strings attatched, no matter if not loved in return. 

Whimsy means a playful or amusing quality : a sense of humor or playfulness. (Websters dictionary)

I read in Bob Goffs book "Love Does" all about whimsy and loving. It's all over that book. I found some quotes below but really go read the book you won't be sorry you did! As it impacted my heart and desire for whimsy.

And this has inspired the change. The change in so many ways...inside and out.

My husband lives whimsy often. He makes me laugh and be playful.  His career is stressful often yet he still finds a way to be joyful and whimsy at home and at work. I love that! And the girls they get whimsy!   They live it every day all day and I want to embrace it, take hold and never ever let go. Just because we grow older doesn't mean we need to loose that! We can choose to grasp it!

Name change means so much to me. I see the significance of biblical name changes. It is freeing to have a fresh start! God gave me this name. He orchestrates it all. He knew the previous name while great and God honoring, wasn't what He was trying to tell me to live...sharing God stories is part of our life and a wonderful part. But it propelled me to seek out more "to do" to find a plan...not live joyful and present and whimsy...

Grasping whimsy is the life God meant for us in the garden, sharing with Him walking with Him. It is how Jesus enjoyed life on this earth even in the trials and hardships and responsibilities.  He loved just being with people, enjoying the food and drink and beauty God laid out in this land, he loved people no matter what they did to him. He was filled with Joy and childlike  whimsy. 

I'm choosing to grasp whimsy and keep grasping it. To make the choice over and over and over. Life is short. I want to have lived the best life God gave me, have loved those around me with all I've got and enjoy the journey. In Christ filled whimsy I can do that. ♡

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor day and life...

We have had a great weekend! Pastor preached on something my heart so needed yeaterday and I feel back on track again. Love ALWAYS wins! Holding hope forever! He is the God of miricles and I can choose to be filled with and give love. Period. 

I loved this quote from Mother Teresa as it goes so well with what Pastor preached...some chalk art girls and I are working on below.

Hubs and I were blessed with 3 hr date riding the super moto sat morning. Girls had their first drop off bday party at friends we know well. It's so great having them be older! I'm loving it!! We held our friends new babe after church yesterday. She was in nicu two weeks. So thankful she is home and doing great! Im enjoying occasional baby snuggles from friend's babes but thankful those days are done for us! Two months ago I wasn't sure as out of the blue adoption was hefty on my heart due to a specific situation that ended up not needing us... God has other plans for us!! And I am thankful for that now!

Labor Day is upon us today and guess what is my hubs doing...manual labor! He is fence building. Quite the maniac too as he got 9 post holes dug by hand in under 3 hrs!  It's going to go quick now.  We think we are leaving the back to the woods open for now and maybe doing a black chain link there later so it doesn't cover our view.

Girls took Lucky cat out on leash. She loved it and was so natural with it. And then they tried last night, almost dark and she freaked,got out of the harness. I was about in tears thinking girls might loose two cats in one weekend....but thankfully she came right to me. She was just scared. Might try again in daytime and see if that was difference. Spoiled cat!!

That's all from this small midwestern city home. Enjoy your time with your loved ones. We never know when today may be last others even in the tough moments...God is so much bigger than our circumstances. ♡ HAPPY HAPPY Labor day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's ok.

We waited till 2:30. Hubs took Lily in and pet her for me till she was gone. He is is such an amazing find I tell ya. The guy is so not a cat person but he knew girls and I couldn't do it. He could of just said he would drop her off. But he knows our emotions. We needed someone there with her. And now it's over and you known we are good. It was relief,  the right thing to do to let her go.

Lucky cat is getting lots of attention. Girls have plans to buy her cat collar and leash to walk her around yard. We will see how that works!

It's crazy how sad things feel just waiting. But then it is ok. She went peaceful. We will miss her. Lucky cat will miss her, but it's ok.

And now the three day weekend begins. Happy Labor Day!

(One eyed Lucky cat pictured below in cat palace since the garage door is open for kid play)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sad things

I don't like to post sad things anymore. I try to keep the blog upbeat and casual these days. The kidney donation and ups and downs of Blakers recovery was so high emotion. I figured I needed to keep it smooth for a while, lite.

But life isn't that way. I think I posted here about Abby. The 3yo in our moms group who passed away due to drowning. It happened so fast and so unexpected and her family is trying to pickup the peices and go on. They inspire me. Just as Blakes family has done when they so closely almost lost him.  I process those days myself and it just seems surreal and really crazy. I can't even imagine how his parents process it.

But he is here and Abby is in Gods arms. And we never ever know what tomorrow will bring...

I cry tonight because we lay our beloved cat to rest tomorrow. Stay with me here because I KNOW this doesn't even compare to the tears I've shed for Blake and Abby, the tears shed for different reasons. Blake still here. Abby not. My dad not. And here I cry for a cat.

I know it seems silly and maybe even unnecessary to others...but it is me. I've always loved my cats. And I feel emotions about everything. It's who I am. I feel deep. And I cry for people I love, for strangers and for animals.

I tear up even for the happy moments. I don't even mean to but mostly nostalgia will bring water works flowing a bit and I get a bit embarrassed and wonder "Why eyes?? Why are you doing that now?!" And then there are  moments when I realize I havn't cried in a long time and this whatever situation is frustrating me so how about a good cry in the shower. And it works and I feel relief and I know come morning I will feel more with it and focused and not so emotional. Or at least not more than my "normal" self.

Why do I write this or frankly anything on this blog? Why did I write the kidney story...or heck even donate to begin with or do interviews or talk about it...because it's the stories of our lives, our God stories. It's about thinking of others more than yourself. Whether loved ones, neighbors, strangers or animals.    Not all God stories end up packaged beautifully. Not all of them are positive and heart warming and amazing.

Some of it is just life.

And by spilling it here maybe maybe I can   help others process things or know they aren't alone in this world full of harsh and hard and self promotion. Because it isn't about me. God asks some to do some crazy things and I am thankful I finally learned to obey them. I'm learning that even when I'd rather not speak or do I may be keeping something of a gift He meant for someone else. And  sometimes I get the benefit of hashing it out with typed words that come out better on screen than in my head.

Maybe this makes sense to noone but it is me in print tonight weeping for my cat. Knowing it is nothing close to Abbys mom or Jamie on that scary day when Blake was saved or my mom who lost my dad. Knowing it is nothing compared to when I lost my dad, when anyone looses a person.  But hoping and praying none the less that cats go to heaven. Because my dad would love that, and my girls would feel comforted loosing their pet and maybe Abby can snuggle Lily too. 

Love God and Love others. It really is all we have.

Monday, August 4, 2014


We started homeschool lessons again today after a break. It was good to get back into it. I'm looking forward to our days having a tiny bit of structure...just a tiny bit! ;-)

In our other moments of our days we are crafting. Girls and I have caught the instagram creative bug and all the fun etsy stores I now  follow are giving us so many ideas.

Hobby Lobby is our new fav store. It just has so many of the crafts we work with and good prices. We could spend hours in that store!

We have been creating resin necklaces, earrings, canvas paintings, knitting dolls, embroidery hoops. Girls paint, draw or color many times a day. Samiha loves to sculpt playdough and makes delicious cookies out of it. 

In evenings we are helping daddy finish the basement and build a privacy fence.

There is alot going on here and I am loving it! Our days are full and our time is joyful! Togetherness is never to be taken for granted.

Monday, July 14, 2014

July in midwest

It is gorgeous out! Like 70s in July. That is amazing in our state! Usually 90s and hard to breathe with humidity. I am thanking the Lord for the beauty and am not going inside all day! Tea and knitting on the deck and a little IG catchup.

I wrote this above few weeks ago. Today is first warmer day. We may hit 88! Heat wave!

Girlies are doing dance camp this week and it is odd having only little home during the morning and then no kiddos afternoon! What will I do with myself?!

I have finished my two books...Flesh and Love Does. I am working on one knit project gift for our friends first baby due soon. No embroidery on a hoop just yet as finished 3 little projects. House is pretty much cleaned and organized as much as I can since basement is in limbo being finished. Cannot wait for the family room to be done so toys can all go down there! We dont have a ton since we decluttered from move but it will help the upstairs remain visually clear! I just organized playroom/guestroom upstairs until it's finished.

Hubs is going to do some awesome things down there. A wood wall, wood barn door on glide, wood post and beam, tin ceiling, tiny canlights washing walls...I'm getting exited!

Hubs installed cieling fans in last two bedrooms and will eventually refinish our kitchen table top to match cabinets.

They put sod in neighbors yard finally! So we can put up our privacy fence. Then house projects around here are done!! Funny how you think movin into brand new house means you won't have to do anything...wrong!!

I love our home though, love the location and eventually will get brave enough to paint the fresh walls and add wall decor...someday...

Enjoy the summer days.

*** A mom in our local moms groups lost her 3yo Abby to drowning accident. Please keep her family in your prayers. ***

Monday, July 7, 2014


I love a good quote. God will use them at just the right moment for me. Two this morning in a place I wasn't supposed to be...broke my no IG July for the day...but God knew I needed to see them! Love how He works that way! (Also saw another adoption fundraiser there so yup bidding on a few ;-) #adoptionfundraiseraddiction

Crazy love is one of my top 12 fav life impacting books! I'm reading Flesh by Hugh Halter right now, almost done and it made the top 12 too!

The last quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt.