Monday, February 24, 2014

When God Says Give kidney:part 21: 3rd month mix post transplant/surgery

So so so much has gone on since I wrote the 2 month post update! It's almost  the 4th month!   I'm sure I'll miss some things... I know I should write more often but honestly at the time things happens sometimes I just don't know what to say.  Which is really odd since most of you know I am  completely a chatty Kathy!  So for sake of trying to keep this simple and not take too much time to reread and tweak and reread and tweak...yes I do that, I'm a horrible editor of my own work as I never ever ever feel it's perfect enough to hit the send button...So pardon any random errors, I'm just not going to spend time editing from now on!

Blake went home.  It was great!  And then he was back again with high white blood cells.  But only for an overnight! No cultures grew anything. We saw him around Valentine's day which is also National Organ Donor's Day and he gifted me with an adorable valentine!  Melt my heart.  It is now framed and in our living room next to the photo of Blake and I at our first time meeting. *Love*

Girls and I got to go to a Valentine's party with a group of new friends, which was very nice. It was great that we were able to make valentines boxes at the Children's museum the day before with recycled items.  We also made some really simple heart cut valentines to give out.  I love making holidays as least consumerism as I can...especially with so many little holidays thrown into a year!  Girls played in the snow and hubs brought us each a rose.  Smelled so good as I sooo want spring
NOW!  Hubs also brought us cupcakes for desert. 

Just this last Wed, on a whim, Jamie had asked if we wanted to meet for lunch before their clinic appointment.  I was thrilled!  We met at the mall and I got to see Blake first time OUT OF THE HOSPITAL since our 5k first race meeting before I even did the donor testing!!  Jamie had Blake and Bowen (the twins) and took Bowen potty. I instinctively asked if I could hold Blake for her or help Bowen so she didn't have to juggle it all (though she is a pro!) She asked Blake if I could hold him and he reached his arms out to that moment I realized I'd NEVER held him! TEARS!!  I snuggled that boy and didn't let him go till after we got our food (funny it was I'm sure seeing me juggle a toddler on hip, my wallet and two kids and meals, I am NOT a pro!) Half way through us eating, he seemed he wanted down and I asked if he could...He hopped off my lap and WALKED over to mama.  WALKED!!! I was so shocked! I knew he had been, but I hadn't seen it and I was floored at how well he did! My heart just so needed to see him that way.  To snuggle him, to tear up when he laid his head on my chest. To see him playing with my girls and Bowen out of that hospital. They road the Carousal and that smile on that little Blake. Oh really people I can't put into words that day. I just can't! My heart could of BURST from it all. I was on a high for days after.

And then sadly Friday came...and some numbers started back up... surprisingly white blood cell was ok, it was the creatinine. But the worst was he stopped peeing. They ended up being admitted again and so Sat morning I brought Jamie food and hung out with just Jamie, Blake and I all morning. He looked so good and was smiley and happy...those darn numbers and that pee just wasn't working right. Originally they had thought it was from lowing the steroid dosage but after deciding to put in the nephrostomy tube to see if the kidney would drain, they found that his ureter was COMPLETLY blocked.  He has had a TON of urine come out that neph tube since surgery yesterday!!!  If they had not found this out, the kidney would of been damaged.  Praise the LORD that they figured that out!!!!  That ureter is still blocked so they will have to decide what to do with that. So prayers for those decisions!!!  BUT numbers are doing sooooo good now!!! Amazing how it's dropped in just a day and that pee...oh I can't wait to see it when we go visit. I never thought I'd LOVE pee so much!!

Praise kidney and Blakers are hanging in are Jamie, Aaron, and the rest of the Burdorf clan... Let's keep praying for healing and praying them home. Together as a family has shown the best place for Blakers to really heal. His numbers dropped, his weight did too and he gained strength to walk at home. Thank God that hospital and docs are there when they need them, but we all know what home does for the spirit <3

As for is almost 4 months post donation surgery.  I feel like things are evening out more! I had some more random pains this last month and really bad menstrual cycles.  I am hoping I am over that hump. I started running again! YAY! I am running 1 mile, walking 1 mile but able to up my running speed some more than I was pre-donation! I have been able to do at least every other day running. so I am now officially back at training for a 5k!!  I was going to do c25k again, but honestly it's too hard mentally as I already was at that 5k mark...I know I can do it, and just want to RUN! So I'm going to create my own increase on miles and just see how it goes.  Early May is the 5k I'm signing up for! I'll post more info about it later. I also don't feel as tired as I used to and am sleeping better some.  For some reason I havn't slept great since donation...I do know part is when Blake is in hospital I think at night, a lot...I LOVE when they are home! I ride this with them...and no matter what am so so so ridiculously  thankful my kidney is in that little boy! AND STILL GOING STRONG!!!!!!

God is soo good! 

(I have more pics but they won't upload today, darn. So be on lookout for a photo dump post soon!)
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  1. What a great thing you've done. It is neat reading about your thoughts as you went through the process.